What’s VSaaS?

With the imminence of criminal activity, businesses want to do whatever they can to protect their most valuable assets. Many companies and corporations are seeking the smartest, safest and most effective security solutions and video surveillance is one of the most popular ways to monitor and oftentimes predict criminal activities.

Cloud computing is a broad term that encompasses anything involving the delivery of hosted services via the internet. In security, VSaaS systems include live viewing, analytics and storage solutions for a monthly price, oftentimes with little up front costs.  

Though cloud computing has been around nearly as long as the internet, it has only recently gained widespread application for businesses. With the cloud allowing users to remotely access and control their video surveillance systems (both hardware and software), companies are making the switch to VSaaS solutions primarily due to ease of access and potential cost savings.



Imagine your entire organization at your fingertips from one interface. It’s possible! Remotely access any camera, from any device, at any time.


You shouldn’t have to rip-and-replace to gain the benefits of integrated cloud security. Use your existing IP cameras and network gear. No questions asked.


We know you don't have time to learn a new, complicated system. That's why Arcules was built with a simple interface that gives you full control.

What's Video Surveillance Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

Integrated with XProtect on-premise video management software (VMS) delivers a powerful hybrid solution for organizations looking to centralize their dispersed video surveillance operation.