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More than 20 years, we assist customer and partner to design, project management, implementation and maintaining customer’s critical network.  In any sized of network covers building networks, campus network and datacenter network, from Layer 2 to Layer 7 OSI Switching architecture, network topology, connectivity, bandwidth, virtualization, high availability Core to Edge Switching and routing.

Our certified network and security engineers are well experience to configure Fabric Connect, NextGen Firewall and Wireless LAN.


This is How Extreme Networks Enables Digital Transformation

Take advantage of a diverse range of Extreme Networks solutions, all built to maximize the effectiveness of your network and create a long-lasting partnership.

SonicWall - Next Generation Firewall

SonicWall stops cyberattacks. Automatically and in real time.
Protect your organization from today’s most dangerous cyberattacks with automated real-time breach detection and protection

For Partners

Cambium Networks - Xirrus

Cambium-Networks-Xirrus- 812x312

Cambium Networks announces the Purchase of Xirrus Wi-Fi Networks from Riverbed Tecnology, Inc.
If you are looking for Xirrus Products – Xirrus Products are currently in the process of being transitioned to the Cambium Networks Website. Stay Tuned for the latest updates.

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Newbridge - Wi-Fi Solution


Wi-Fi Solution for Hospitality
The roboust Wi-Fi solution best fixed to Hotels, Hotspot environment World-Beating North America-Europe Technology, built on long home-grown expertise at Newbridge. Cost Effective, Robust, High performance Access Point with OPEX Managed Wi-Fi Services available.

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DPtech - Application as Network


Self Defense Networking, a new breakthrough user port-based Security.
In the Internet age, information systems have become the most important infrastructure for enterprises and play an increasingly important role in enterprises. New technologies such as the Internet and cloud computing have helped enterprises to improve their efficiency but also bring new problems. The core business systems and important data are carried and transmitted through the network, which will inevitably cause network and information security issues. How to achieve both efficiency and security is what all enterprises concern about, and network security will become the next hot spot in enterprise information construction.

What we can prevent & feature, using DPtech Self Defence Security Switch
  • Intranet attack, Ex. WannaCry Ransomware
  • Network Back Tracking
  • Abnormal User Behavior
  • Trojan Propagation Behavior
  • ARP Spoofing
  • IP Spoofing
  • ARP Flooding
  • Port Scanning