DPtech Technology

Hangzhou DPtech Technologies Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: DPtech)is a listed company that provides R&D, production, and sales in network security and application delivery. Upholding the mission of MAKING NETWORK SIMPLE, INTELLIGENT AND SECURE, DPtech is committed to providing cutting-edge products and solutions through continuous innovation.


Secure Cloud Data Center Solution

The Cloud era brings about enormous attention to the security of Cloud services. Traditional networks provide boundary protection in security zones of various trust levels, with the protection targets being clearly-defined. However, in Cloud networks where applications run in resource pools, the security boundaries become blurred, and can’t be defined with traditional classification methods for security zones. In response, DPtech offers an innovative Secure Cloud Data Center Solution featuring “strong power enabled by Cloud security”. The solution, with an aim to address security issues in Cloud networks through stand-alone hardware security devices, consists of the following three components: Cloud security, Security Cloud, and Cloud management. It helps user build secure resource pools that are automatically deployed, providing the Cloud networks with all-round and flexible security protection.