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Secure Integration Server – Secure and Flexible OPC UA-based Solution for IT/OT Integration

Secure and Flexible OPC UA-based Solution for Information Technology/ Operational Technology (IT/OT) Integration with the full range of OPC UA security features

Secure Integration Server (SIS) provides a powerful OPC UA data integration layer. Based on the OPC UA aggregation server users implement flexible solutions combining the various OPC UA Servers at automation level with their associated address spaces and making the data available to IT applications via a consistent OPC UA interface. Secure Integration Server covers the full range of OPC UA security features and enables the implementation of state-of-the-art security solutions.

The interface abstraction of Secure Integration Server enables continuous adaptation and scaling of OPC UA-based IoT solutions throughout their entire lifecycle. Users gain a high degree of flexibility and at the same time significantly reduce integration and configuration costs.