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Structured Cabling & Management

We design and built the physical layer connectivity’s that cover fiber optics, copper and Automatic Intelligent infrastructure management (AIM), authorized by world’s leader solution provider.

Structured Cabling

CommScope designs and manufactures the gold standard for structured cabling. From twisted-pair copper cabling to multimode and singlemode fiber optics, our cables meet or exceed all published standards.

Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM)

CommScope offers automated infrastructure management systems that deliver a holistic view of your network and its connectivity in real time. Our intelligent software combined with network controllers and accessories allow you to locate and identify your equipment and ports as well as track any network changes.

This physical layer management solution provides instant visibility to unauthorized physical intrusion activity and automatic documentation of all changes. The results are increased asset utilization, reduced troubleshooting time, faster service turn-up and improved network security.

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